101 India NFT Creators Project

101India has always believed in telling Stories first. We’ve always believed in our creators and working with the creative community. 101India has launched NFT Creators Project with some of the best artist communities across India. 101 India NFT Creators Project will feature 14 artists across 14 days from June 24-July 06, 2022 at Cafe Papaya, Kochi. Our theme for the show is Myths & Memes.

Myths & Memes

Storytelling has evolved through history, from its first form of myths passed through generations by the oral tradition to the modern forms such as film, theatre, and memes.

Myths are as relevant to us today as they were to the ancients and they answer timeless questions and serve as a compass for each generation. Memes, however, give you instant gratification. the more it resonates with people the more it's shared. Sometimes memes exist for shock value or to teach a life lesson. Other times a single photo or short video will generate hundreds of hilarious interpretations.

This evolution in storytelling is what we propose to tap into in our 101 NFTs as a cultural milestone.

Myths and Memes reflect the growing trends in the way humans communicate with each other. Each generation of storytellers adds their interpretations to create relevant forms of communication and stories will be reinvented and reapplied to the lives of each new generation in unique forms. Catch our 101 NFT Creators Project as they grapple with this evolving form of storytelling.

14 Days.
14 Artists.

We have

  1. NFT Artworks at display by 14 Internationally Recognised artists
  2. A 101 India Collab Project on display, curated by 5 Artists
  3. Opening Performance by the very talented Banglore Artist, 6091
  4. Engaging cultural performances by renowned artists
  5. A fun informal Meet and Greet with the Artist of the day, and a chance to discuss Art, NFTs and web3!
  6. NFT art Skateboards on display, curated by Merkabah Boards
  7. A Live NFT Drop Party!
  8. Session from web3 and industry expert on Cinema & Metaverse
  9. A surprise session by a well-renowned personality. All the artists out there, this is one to look forward to! :)

And many engaging conversations to look forward to!

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Our Artists

Reshidev Rk Reshidev RK is an illustrator whose surreal nature of work explores the connections between humans and the mind.
Vidya Vidya is a 3D designer who likes to express the modern Indian woman's feminine energy with a hint of South Asian culture and sexuality while painting her.
Sachin Samson Sachin Samson is an artist and muralist. An expert at digital painting, he enjoys experimenting with different mediums.
Satish Acharya Satish Acharya is a cartoonist whose perspective about life in politics, Bollywood, and other current affairs, strike a strong chord to make his art the talk of the town.
Archan Nair Archan Nair is a digital artist and illustrator living in Berlin, Germany, who specializes in mixed medium and digital art.
Prasad Bhat Prasad Bhat, known for his signature style of vector caricatures, has always found solace in art which helped him channel his creativity and express his opinions without restraint.
Vimal Chandran Vimal Chandran is an Indian interdisciplinary visual artist who specializes in graphics, photography, and filmmaking.
Rima Kallingal Rima Kallingal made her cinematic debut in 2009 with the film "Ritu," and during the course of her 8-year career, she has acted in a number of woman-centric films.
Ajay Menon Ajay Menon is a photographer and cinematographer. He enjoys photographing moments from his travels, individuals he meets, and aspects of the regions and cultures he visits.
Jibin Joseph Jibin is a visual artist and video editor who aims to break through the barriers between tangible realms and put together numerous realities.
Shaizy Umar Shaizy Umar is an Indian visual artist who enjoys creating bold, colorful pictures with exaggerated characteristics of various characters, particularly images of children and ladies.
Fahd Hussain Fahd Hussein is an Indian artist whose work is a post-psychedelic jumble of old wisdom, scientific ideas, philosophy, and eastern mysticism.
Varun Desai Varun Desai, a specialist in interactive design and synthesis, uses custom-built microphones, cameras, and sensors to create real-time code-based
Francis Kurien Francis Kurien, is an artist and skater, who ventured into making Skateboards during his late teens and later sold them as NFTs.
Rajni Gadhvi Rajni, a Creative Director & Motion designer, is driven by the idea of engaging people with an emphasis on context-specific, socially meaningful, and ecologically sensitive approaches.